30-60 minutes



3-5 days



1 every 12-24 months



Several days

after the procedure



  • reduction of sagging skin;

  • improvement of skin elasticity and firmness;

  • local fat tissue reduction;

  • reduction of wrinkles;

  • skin rejuvenation;



  • sagging skin;

  • lack of skin elasticity and firmness;

  • loose skin;

  • fine wrinkles;

  • visibility of "eye bags" (chubby cheeks or under-eye puffiness);




  • przez kilka najbliższych dni należy unikać dotykania miejsca, w które został wprowadzony światłowód; 

  • przez kilka dni od zabiegu należy unikać gorących kąpieli, sauny, solarium, ćwiczeń fizycznych oraz spożywania alkoholu;

  • odpowiednie nawodnienie organizmu;



  • for the next few days, avoid touching the area where the optical fiber was inserted;

  • for several days after the procedure, avoid hot baths, saunas, tanning beds, physical exercise, and alcohol consumption;

  • maintain proper hydration of the body;

Who is the Endolift procedure recommended for?

The Endolift procedure is recommended for individuals who have issues with skin sagging, drooping cheeks, sagging eyebrows, reducing bags under the eyes, or a double chin.

Is a series of treatments necessary?

The number of treatment sessions depends on the individual needs and goals of each patient. In some cases, a single series of Endolift may be sufficient to achieve the desired effect. However, for more advanced signs of aging and skin laxity, a series of treatments is recommended. Typically, the treatment is done in a series of 2-4 sessions, spaced about a month apart to provide the best effects on the skin tissues.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is performed with local anesthesia, which minimizes pain. During the treatment, the patient typically only feels mild tension and slight tingling. Some discomfort may occur during the procedure, but it is usually very mild. After the procedure, there may be slight pain, swelling, or bruising, which usually subside after a few days.

When will I see the initial results of the procedure?

The initial results of the procedure can be seen within a few days of the treatment, with the full final effect typically becoming visible a few weeks after the procedure.

Is the procedure effective in reducing wrinkles?

Yes, it is. Following the laser lifting procedure, patients often notice a reduction in the depth of wrinkles and an increase in skin firmness.

Is the procedure recommended for older individuals?

There is no upper age limit for the Endolift procedure, but it primarily depends on the patient's overall health and individual needs and expectations. Typically, the procedure is recommended for individuals over 40 years old who are experiencing signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of firmness.



What is the Endolift procedure?

Endolift is an innovative aesthetic procedure used to improve skin firmness and tightness. This aesthetic treatment allows for a quick and effective skin rejuvenation without subjecting the patient to unnecessary pain or post-procedural complications. The procedure is entirely non-surgical and involves the introduction of a thin, flexible, and bendable optical fiber into the skin, at the end of which is a CO2 laser. During the procedure, the laser reaches the deep layers of the skin, where it creates microdamage to the tissue, stimulating regenerative processes and prompting fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and tighter, and facial contours are more pronounced. Additionally, the indirect impact on fat tissue reduction may result from the stimulation of metabolic processes, raising the temperature in subcutaneous tissues. This accelerates metabolic processes in fat cells, which can lead to gradual fat tissue reduction.

Endolift is not a procedure directly aimed at fat tissue reduction, but rather at improving skin firmness and tightness. However, in some cases, the procedure may indirectly aid in fat tissue reduction through metabolic stimulation.

Which areas can be treated with the procedure?

The procedure can be performed on both facial and body areas. Commonly treated facial areas include the jawline, the central and lower parts of the face, lower eyelids, neck, chin, and décolleté. On the body, the treatment is suitable for the arms, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and knee areas.

Who performs the Endolift procedure?

The Endolift procedure is performed in our clinic by specialist Dr. Mariusz Borkowski, a medical aesthetician who constantly seeks innovative solutions in the field of medicine. Dr. Mariusz Borkowski focuses on preventive measures to maximize the benefits of the therapies he recommends. He is the second specialist in Poland specializing in Endolift procedures, and he acquired his specialized skills directly from the method's creator, Dr. Ricardo Forte, in Italy.

Key principles of the Endolift procedure.

The Endolift procedure yields impressive results in skin tightening, collagen production stimulation, and local fat reduction. One of the primary principles of the procedure is the absence of the need for a scalpel when performing body lifts, leading to an exceptionally short recovery period and a quick return to normal life. Through the stimulation of collagen and elastin regeneration processes, Endolift achieves the effect of firmer and more elastic skin, improving its appearance and overall health.

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