30 minutes



3 days



4-6 in a series 



after 2 days



  • skin hydration;

  • improvement in skin firmness;

  • stimulation for the production of natural collagen;

  • the substances contained in meso cocktails primarily moisturize the skin, and through improved hydration, skin firmness is enhanced;




  • loss of skin firmness and elasticity;

  • wrinkles;

  • spots and discoloration;

  • dilated blood vessels;

  • acne scars;

  • dry and rough skin;

  • enlarged pores, congested skin;



  • after the procedure, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water for 3-4 days;

  • avoid alcohol consumption, swimming in pools, playing and sleeping with pets, touching the treated areas with dirty hands, working in dust or other contaminants for 24 hours after the procedure;

  • for post-procedure skincare, use regenerating creams that are neutral for the skin (without fruit acids, retinol, vitamin C, etc.);

  • for face cleansing within 24 hours after the procedure, use a disinfectant such as Octenisept;

  • avoid exposure to high temperatures (sauna, tanning beds, sunbathing) for at least 7 days after the procedure;

  • it is recommended to use high sun protection - SPF 50 UVB + UVA sunscreen every 2-3 hours;

  • do not apply makeup to the needle insertion sites for 12 hours;

  • if you experience any alarming symptoms (increasing pain, swelling, fever, blistering, oozing blisters, bleeding, or other issues), contact a doctor immediately



  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;

  • active autoimmune diseases;

  • active infections;

  • hypersensitivity to any of the components of the meso-cocktail;

  • tendency to rosacea and superficially vascular skin;

  • use of blood-thinning medications;


What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments. It involves injecting substances into the skin that would not otherwise be able to cross the skin-epidermis barrier through methods other than using a needle. The method has been around for over 50 years and originated in France.

The most commonly used ingredient in this procedure is hyaluronic acid. It has strong hygroscopic properties. When applied to the dermis, it improves hydration and has a firming effect. The hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapy is non-cross-linked, so it does not fill tissues (as in fillers) and treatments can be performed as often as every two weeks. In addition to hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy cocktails contain vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and minerals. Thanks to its properties, mesotherapy is also often used in the treatment of scars, stretch marks, and in the treatment of hair loss.


How is the procedure performed?

The skin is thoroughly cleansed. A syringe or cannula is used to administer the product. To make the procedure more comfortable for the patient, the area is anesthetized with a lidocaine-based product. Due to the number of injections, bruising often occurs after the treatment. Bubbles may appear on the skin for a few days, which are small portions of the cocktail that will be absorbed spontaneously, moisturizing and regenerating the skin. Since the skin on the face, neck, and décolletage is very vascular, the appearance of bruising is very likely, so it's a good idea to have the procedure done before the weekend or a vacation. This way, the skin will have time to regenerate. The procedure takes about 45 minutes.


How to prepare for the procedure?

The procedure is always preceded by a medical consultation. It does not require special preparation on the part of the patient. In the days leading up to the procedure, the person undergoing mesotherapy should avoid alcohol and blood-thinning medications.


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