30 minutes



5-20 days



5 in a series 



after 30 days



  • elimination or significant reduction of stretch marks;

  • removal of scars (including postoperative and acne scars);

  • noticeable improvement in skin condition - body firming, skin tone uniformity;




  • stretch marks (white, red);

  • acne scars and postoperative scars;

  • scars from a cesarean section;



  • avoiding sun exposure;

  • abstaining from tanning (including in tanning beds);

  • using creams with a high SPF (sun protection factor);

  • refraining from using peels and skin-irritating cosmetics;

  • using moisturizing and soothing cosmetics (containing, for example, d-panthenol);



  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;

  • active autoimmune diseases;

  • active infections;

  • tendency to rosacea and superficially vascularized skin;

The Wavetronic 6000 Touch and Megapulse HF Fraxx devices by Loktal are the most advanced technology designed for the removal of pigmentation, ruby spots, and age spots. These devices operate based on radiofrequency technology, which is characterized by periodically changing electrical current. The high-frequency range of radio waves generated by Loktal allows, in the case of the fractional module, for electromagnetic pulses to reach deep layers of the skin without causing damage to the outer skin. Additionally, the radio surgical knife, also part of Loktal, offers greater precision compared to traditional scalpels, reducing the duration of the procedure. Unlike other technologies or traditional scalpels, Loktal 'draws' on the skin, minimizing tissue damage at the edges. The margin of side tissue damage is minimal, which accelerates the healing process and minimizes the risk of hypertrophic scarring. Opting for a treatment with this device is recommended for its high safety standards. One of the significant advantages of the procedure is its speed. With a larger laser spot size and higher power, imperfections can be removed nearly twice as fast.

Megapulse HF Fraxx is suitable for procedures such as:

  • Elimination of postoperative scars, including cesarean section scars.

  • Reduction of acne scars and scars from skin burns.

  • Removal of stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Preparation for the procedure involves certain sacrifices on the patient's part. All recommendations will be provided by the doctor during the medical consultation preceding the procedure. Some of the key recommendations include:

  • Discontinuing the use of retinoids for 6 months before the treatment.

  • Avoiding sun exposure (including tanning beds) for 4 weeks before the treatment.

  • Ceasing the use of cosmetics containing retinol for 3 weeks before the treatment.

  • Avoiding the use of photosensitizing medications and herbs for 3 weeks before the treatment.

  • Refraining from peeling and depilation for 1 week before the treatment.

During the consultation, the doctor examines the skin condition to be treated, discusses the therapy plan with the patient, and determines the number of treatments required to achieve the desired results.

What does the procedure involve?

Before the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the skin, ensuring the patient does not experience pain – only a mild burning sensation may occur. The person performing the procedure adjusts the device's power accordingly, depending on the depth and location of the skin changes, as well as the patient's individual characteristics.

The laser works by emitting not just one but multiple light beams that create micro-injuries in the skin when they reach deep into it – called pixels. Laser strikes are highly precise, ensuring only the selected area of the skin is damaged, leaving surrounding tissues intact. Consequently, the healing process proceeds rapidly. The micro-injuries in the skin 'motivate' the body to start regenerative processes – new collagen and elastin fibers are formed, resulting in smooth, taut, scar-free, and blemish-free skin. Immediately after the treatment, the patient can resume daily activities while adhering to post-treatment recommendations.

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