Holistic skin terapist Aleksandra Kwiatkowska 

She is a graduate of the Higher School of Engineering and Health in Warsaw, with a major in cosmetology. Currently, she is a nursing student at the Mazovian Medical University in Warsaw. She specializes in holistic cosmetology and is dedicated to therapies aimed at problematic and acne-prone skin, with a strong emphasis on identifying the causes of these issues. She puts her heart and competence into her work, which comes from years of experience and continuous training in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. She believes that a holistic approach and combined techniques help achieve spectacular treatment effects. She is always ready to assist in selecting the right at-home skincare for better results.

Opiekun klienta Natalia Szafaryn

Studentka kosmetologii w Społecznej Akademii Nauk w Warszawie. To ona wita Państwa z uśmiechem od samego wejścia. Energiczna oraz zawsze pomocna. Odznacza się wysoką kulturą osobistą, komunikatywnością i otwartym usposobieniem. W swojej pracy charakteryzuje się doskonałą organizacją oraz zaangażowaniem. Jej głównym zadaniem jest zapewnienie najwyższego poziomu obsługi klienta zgodnie z jego indywidualnymi wymaganiami. Jest doskonałym doradcą, zawsze chętna do pomocy i empatyczna, za co cenią ją nasi Pacjenci. Posiada wiedzę i umiejętności w dziedzinie mediów społecznościowych, co pozwala utrzymać stały kontakt z pacjentem.

Opiekun klienta Anna Chud 

Specjalista ds. mediów społecznościowych i reklamy. Studentka zarządzania w Wyższej Szkole Bankowości w Warszawie. Dba o profesjonalne podejście do pacjenta, uwielbia kontakt z ludźmi. Wyróżnia ją życzliwość i sumienność, a także doskonała organizacja pracy. Swoje doświadczenie zdobyła w pracy połączonej z kontaktem z ludźmi.

Holistic skin therapist Paulina Wójcik

She is a graduate of the Higher School of Engineering and Health in Warsaw, with a major in cosmetology. She is a specialist in holistic cosmetology, and she will undoubtedly help you take care of the health and beauty of your hair and scalp. She continuously expands her knowledge in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine by participating in numerous training sessions to meet the expectations of even the most demanding patients. In her work, she particularly loves the moment when a patient regains joy and a smile on their face, seeing the results of the therapy and the progress of their collaborative efforts. She always thoroughly explains the procedures and advises on the most suitable ones for each specific case.

Mgr. Kinga Kijańczuk

The founder of Lavine Clinic, she is a graduate of the Higher School of Engineering and Health in Warsaw, majoring in cosmetology. She is a specialist with many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. She has completed numerous internships and courses, continuously expanding her knowledge and training in Poland and abroad. Demanding of herself and others, she ensures that both the clinic and the services provided there are of the highest quality. She has turned her passion into a way of life. She believes that an individual plan for treatment is the key to success. She is characterized by impeccable precision and calmness in performing procedures. She loves natural, unexaggerated results, and client satisfaction is paramount to her. Thanks to her professional approach, knowledge, and experience, she helps patients regain self-confidence and improve their quality of life by changing their appearance and well-being.


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Dr n. med. Mariusz Borkowski

The doctor is a graduate of the Second Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. He is a certified medical doctor who obtained his diploma from the Center for Postgraduate Medical Education at the Medical University of Warsaw. He has completed numerous internships and courses in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine, including at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. As the second doctor in Poland, he received authorization for the procedure of laser facelift and body lift - endolift. Specializing in procedures involving threads, the doctor possesses specialized knowledge, skills, and extensive experience, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the procedures performed. He believes that new technologies in medicine not only offer opportunities for effective treatments but also enable the planning of preventive measures. When working with his patients, he always thinks several steps ahead, considering their future. He shares his experience and actively assists patient associations in their daily struggles.